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Welcome to the wiki. Here you'll find all the information you seek about MaskGun. This wiki is a work in progress with a lot of effort put into it. And will gradually be growing with more and more content every day. Please do not spam any pages and we are greatly appreciating the improvements. Any edit or assistance is greatly appreciated. Editors at the moment are Bestdayforever and the East US Game Moderator of Maskgun, NuclearWolf Gaming!

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Types of In-game Money

Moderators Digest!

What do the Game Moderators do for Maskgun? Want to know how Maskgun Moderators become mods in the first place? Want to know what the Moderators can report you for? And do you want to know the troubles of being a Game Moderator? Find out here!

What can a Moderator report me for?

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  • October 25, 2019: June updated maps of the airport and the yard of Halloween. Info: Halloween Update 2019

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